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beroNet Telephony Appliance 2.0 (BNTAVO)

The beroNet Telephony Appliance is the ideal platform for customers and technology integrators, looking for a reliable hardware solution, with integrated ISDN, Analog and GSM connectivity.

The beroNet Telephony Appliance’s elegant design delivers superior energy efficient properties and is designed specifically for the rigorous 24/7 uptime demand of modern telephony systems. With a power consumption of less than 24W during normal operation, over 200.- EUR can be saved in electricity costs per year. With its fanless design and harmonized components the beroNet Telephony Appliance is the suitable solution for all kinds of telephony projects.

The beroNet Telephony Appliance is designed for telephony applications in the SOHO and SME markets and is perfectly suited for businesses with up to 60 concurrent calls. Choose your favorite telephony software.

The beroNet Telephony Appliance has been extensively tested with Linux and Windows operating systems and is compatible with all of these software solutions:

Compatible-with 700



Berofix Gateways


berofix - VoIP Gateway modular and expandable

The beroNet Gateways are modular where you can plug and mix different access modules in analog (FXS/FXO), digital (BRI/PRI ISDN) and GSM all on the same box. A PCM interconnection between beroNet Gateways to enable hardware bridging for building mixed and high-density transparent Voice, Video, Data and Fax transmissions. The beroNet Gateways are compatible and tested with numerous SIP Server’s like 3CX, Asterisk, Freeswitch, MS Lync, Elastix, Trixbox, Askozia and many more.


Berofix-16FXS beroNet 16FXS Gateway

TThe beroNet 16FXS Gateway is designed to simplify the integration of legacy phone system to IP infrastructure. It enables you to connect 16 analog devices (phones or fax) to an IP network. The beroNet 16FXS Gateway is used by firms, hostels or hospitals who need internal Analog FXS ports to connect lots of analog devices.


Small Business Line Gateways

The beroNet Small Business Line (SBL) is designed for the SOHO area, connecting ISDN, VoIP and analog lines to any SoftPBXs imaginable. With the new range of modules in the SBL you will be able to serve more than 85 % of the PBX market. Choose your favorite telephony software. The Small Business Line is compatible with any software solution like:  Compatible-with 700


berofix SBE 1S0



berofix SBE 2FXO



berofix SBE 2FXO & 1FXS



berofix SBE 2S0

Berofix-SBL-2S0-2FXS berofix SBE 2S0 & 2FXS  button-read-more
Berofix-SBL-4FXO berofix SBE 4FXO  button-read-more
Berofix-SBL-4FXO-4FXS berofix SBE 4FXO & 4FXS  button-read-more
Berofix-SBL-4FXS berofix SBE 4FXS  button-read-more

PCI/PCIe Cards


Μodular and expandable

The Baseboard is modular where you can plug and mix different access modules in analog (FXS/FXO), digital (BRI/PRI ISDN) and GSM all on the same card. A PCM Bus interconnection between beroNet devices to enable hardware bridging for building mixed and high-density transparent voice, video, data and fax transmissions. The beroNet Baseboard is compatible and tested with numerous SoftPBX’s like 3CX, Asterisk, Freeswitch, MS Lync, Elastix, Trixbox, Askozia and many more.

5 Minute Installation: It’s Plug & Play!

The beroNet Gateway is OS independent and can be used for Linux/Unix Windows and MAC OS. This new advancement in technology incorporates a proprietary beroNet OS on the Baseboards which is automatically detected by your system as just ‘Network Card’. All necessary drivers are automatically loaded by the host machine’s OS.



Berofix Modules











Berofix-BF4FXO BF4FXO  button-read-more 
Berofix-BF4FXS BF4FXS  button-read-more
 Berofix-BF4S0 BF4S0  button-read-more
 Berofix-BF8FXS BF8FXS button-read-more 



19″ Rack Bracket (BF19Bracket)



Bridge (BFBridge)



Small GSM Antenna (BFANTS).


E1 Cross over Cable

Berofix-GSM-antenna GSM Antenna long   button-read-more 
Berofix-GSM-Bracket GSM Bracket for berofix PCI/PCIe cards button-read-more
 Berofix-GSM-extension GSM Extension for berofix Boxes button-read-more
 Berofix-PCM-Cable PCM Cable (BFPCM) button-read-more 
Berofix-RJ45 RJ45 to RJ11 Cable (BFFXXCable) button-read-more
Berofix-RJ45-TAE  RJ45 to TAE Cable (BFTAEAdapter) button-read-more 
Berofix-T-adapter T-Adapter (BFTAdapter) button-read-more

Failover Switch


Disasters in a communication network are often very difficult to predict and there is usually a very small advance notice when a communication line goes down. beroNet Failover Switch provides an effective way for dealing with such unexpected events by re-routing the lines to a back-up line when undesirable changes are detected. Therefore beroNet provides beroNet Failover Switch, a solution device for PBX Clustering and failover scenarios that requires a physical reconnection of analog, BRI or PRI lines. In addition to this properties, the Failover Switch




berofos failover

Failover Senario

The failover scenario grants the smooth and reliable operation of two PBXs side by side, where the second one will be switched to active only after the failure of the first one in order to reduce downtime to a minimum (see figure). This scenario is not only interesting in failure situations, it could also be used in cases of maintenance, repair or upgrade of your telecommunications equipment.

 berofos bypass Bypass Senario

The bypass scenario is interesting for customers who want to keep their old telephone system and add new functionalities by adding a new PBX in front of the old one (e.g. by an Asterisk system). With the bypass scenario you have the opportunity to add a new PBX between the PSTN Lines and the outgoing Lines of the old PBX system. In the case of a failover, the PSTN Lines will transparently reconnected to the existing old PBX (see figure).



CAPI Connector for beroNet Gateways

beroNet CAPI is a software solution which enables you to use beroNet Gateway Cards and Boxes with your existing CAPI 2.0 based applications such as:

  • Unified Messaging (UMS)
  • Interactive Voice Respondes(IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Fax servers



beroNet CAPI is a standalone software product installed on your system, which provides a CAPI Interface and maintains a LAN connection to the beroNet device, using the standard ‘Voice over IP’ protocol stack SIP. Using beroNet CAPI gives you the freedom to use the advanced beroNet Gateways instead of using proprietary ISDN Hardware. beroNet CAPI opens a way for you to use your existing CAPI application: lower operation and maintenance costs and use you all the advancements of a Virtual Environment. Based on the beroNet CAPI the additional „Fax Services Connector“ (FSC) is available. The FSC enables sending and receiving of faxes in a Windows environment using the Microsoft Fax Services, simply by printing out documents to the Windows „Fax Printer“. We provide two FSC editions, one for workstations and one server edition. beroNet CAPI and the beroNet CAPI FSC will be available as software download and are licensed per channel (between 2-60 channels ) and per beroNet device.

Technical Specifications::

  • CAPI 2.0
  • Call Control: SIP / RTP (standalone Unicast)
  • Call Deflection
  • Caller, Called, Connected, Redirection ID's and Names
  • Calling Line Idendification Restriction
  • Overlap Signalling
  • User-User Signalling
  • DTMF: Inband (RTP-NTE rfc2833), Outband (SIP-INFO)
  • Audio: G.711 (A-Law, u-Law) , G.729 (Optional feature licensed separately)


  • T.38 Real-time Fax over IP
  • T.30 Fax Group 3 up to 14.400 Bauds
  • Compression (MH, MR, MMR)
  • Error Correction Mode (ECM)

System Enviroments:

  • Windows Server 2008/2003/2000
  • Windows Workstation: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
  • both x32 and x64 plattforms


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