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…we all know the definition of Endpoint Security - a software which manages and controls all the devices that have access to a company’s network. Its main function is to detect and protect from threats and viruses. The question is what can be done when the traditional security practices are insufficient…

PartnerNET presents Seqrite,

the company which more than 20.000 corporations worldwide trust for their IT security and it continuously upgrades the Endpoint Security System offering a complete solution package for network security. 

Seqrite Endpoint Security (SEPS) is designed in such a way so as to cover the needs of network security starting from SMBs up to large-scale corporations against to a wide range of threats. SEQRITE is moving forward as Seqrite Endpoint Security (SEPS) is characterized by innovative technology, preventing leaks and threats from your network. For SEQRITE, the idea behind is to address the needs of a company as a total, taking all the proper actions for the optimum outcome.

SEQRITE’s philosophy is based on three key factors: 
security– connectivity - productivity

Forget complexity and systems that consume a lot of a company’s systems resources, SEQRITE makes things simple, easy and cost-effective!

End Point Security Business Edition
Endpoint Security Business provides advanced and easily deployable protection for business enterprises. This unified suite is designed to safeguard endpoints on all platforms without compromising high-level performance.

End Point Security Total Edition 
Endpoint Security Total is designed to facilitate world-class protection for every system within your enterprise with advanced features such as application control, file activity monitor and more. With this suite you can monitor and safeguard each endpoint while boosting its fine-tuned business impact.

End Point Security Total Edition with DLP 
End Point Security Total Edition with DLP provides the same functions as the Total Edition and also secures confidential data from leakage. For example, none of your files, pics, emails is able to be stolen if you take all the necessary measures!

A one-stop solution for all enterprise security needs. With the UTM appliance your network is secure and your employees can focus solely on productivity and business impact.
Think SEQRITE’s UTM as a unified umbrella which offers services such as threat & network management, policy controller, bandwidth management, application control, web filtering, multilink management, daily reporting, secure connection with remote users or/and remote sites, firewall and the most important of all… connectivity between EPP - UTM for data exchange that has to do with the status of the endpoint devices.

Seqrite Cloud 
SEQRITE Cloud is an innovative solution that allows enterprises to integrate and regulate their endpoint Security (EPS) and UTM product from any geographic location. IT administrators can easily connect to the cloud to view, manage and rectify all network events. 

“ Don’t you think it’s time to redefine the network security of your company? “

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Entpoint Security

  • Reduced security risks from malicious apps and devices
  • Prevention of leakage of confidential data
  • Monitoring of files and business assets within the enterprise
  • Active protection against intrusions and malware threats
  • Simple maintenance and upkeep of systems
  • Administration of roaming clients outside the entreprise network



  • Proactively prevent data leakage or data theft
  • Get an overview of actions against confidential files
  • Ensure that confidential data does not leave the organization
  • Get notified about unauthorized data leakages through several sources


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Seqrite Cloud

  • Cloud management of Seqrite Endpoint Security and UTM
  • Anytime and anywhere access to the product console
  • Operational efficiency across all geographic locations
  • Multi-tier administration and access level for system security
  • Consolidated security status of the distributed enterprise network
  • Cloud implementation of enterprise IT security policies
  • Easy backup restoration of EPS or UTM in critical situations


SEQRITE is positioned in the market as a value-for-money brand, allowing the ultimate competitive commercial policy, excellency in quality and most important… delighted customers all over the world.

"Do dare the change in your network security and let your company be another success story!"

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